Black Site Key Warzone 2 Location & How To Open Them

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New mechanic ? Yes , here is how to get Black Site key ( location ) and how to open them in Warzone 2 .

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Strongholds and Black Sites are new Warzone 2 sites with high-tier rewards and loadouts. Our article will also show you black site key location and how to open them in order to receive a free Weapon Blueprint prize.

So if you’re curious about Black Sites and how to obtain the Black Site key and their location , our helpful guide will tell you everything you need to know.

What Are Black Sites In Warzone 2 ? ( explained  )


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Black Sites are more deadly than Strongholds in Warzone 2’s Al Mazrah, granting players who clear them out even more valuable in-game items and their loadout.They are very risky and rewarding activities since they have powerful AI that will want to eliminate you at all costs.

Black Site Key Warzone 2 Location

Warzone 2 requires you to locate a key before you can even attempt to open a Black Site. This isn’t the simplest mission in the world because you’ll have to take out every AI in a Stronghold and disarm a bomb .

By doing this, you will receive a Black Site key that can be used to enter one of these riskier regions.You won’t be able to obtain a Black Site key if you arrive at a Stronghold after another team has already cleared it out, but you will be able to obtain some treasure and your loadout.

How To Open Black Sites In Warzone 2

Simply open the Black Site in Warzone 2 like you would any other Stronghold building by using the Black Site key that you took from the Stronghold . Warzone 2 players will receive an exclusive Weapon Blueprint  if they successfully clear a Black Site by taking out all of the AI : (the Phantom’s Call Vaznev-9k loadout ) .