Combat Cache in Fortnite: What is & How To Recover

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Learn all about the Combat Cache in Fortnite with our comprehensive guide. Discover what a Combat Cache is, how to recover it, and where to find it on the Fortnite map.

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Weekly Quests are a great way to level up fast in Fortnite and earn more XP, and they’re updated every seven days. In the latest installment of Chapter 4 Season 2, Week 3 features a new and exciting challenge revolving around the Combat Cache. This new mechanic is an excellent source of loot and experience points, but it can be tricky to master.

In this article we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide on the Combat Cache, including what it is, how to recover it, and where to find it on the Fortnite map.

What Is A Combat Cache In Fortnite

 Combat Cache Reward

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In Fortnite, Combat Caches are loot caches that randomly spawn throughout the game, highlighted by a bright beam in the sky. The cache contains a range of items with rarity depending on the color of the beam, and the faster players claim it, the better the loot.

These caches are a replacement for Supply Drops, with the added bonus of providing players with two Legendary Slurp Juices. While every player can locate the cache, they might not always be worth chasing down.

How to recover a Combat Cache in Fortnite

To recover a Combat Cache in Fortnite, you must first locate it on the mini-map once it appears during the third storm (approximately eight minutes into the match). Jump into a vehicle and speed to the location as quickly as possible to avoid other players who might be trying to get there first. When you arrive, activate the Combat Cache by interacting with it (press interact button), and then hold the area for 50 seconds to claim your rewards.

Remember to stay inside the marked circle for the entire duration of the timer, or you’ll lose your progress and have to start over. Once the timer runs out, the Combat Cache will have a plethora of loot items, including ammo and weapons, which can give you a significant advantage in the battle royale. Additionally, you’ll earn experience points that are crucial for leveling up your character.

However, be warned that other players can see where the Combat Cache is located, and they might try to hunt you down while you’re holding the area. So be quick and stay alert! Congratulations on successfully recovering a Combat Cache in Fortnite, and make sure to use your newly acquired loot wisely in future matches.

Combat Cache

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Where to Find a Combat Cache in Fortnite

If you’re looking to find a Combat Cache in Fortnite, there are a few things you need to know. Firstly, Combat Caches don’t appear in any set locations on the map. Instead, they only appear after a match has been running for around 8 minutes and the third new Storm Circle has appeared.

When the Combat Cache does appear, you’ll hear a distinctive “boom” sound, and a marker will appear on the map with an image of a Combat Cache on it. The marker will also be accompanied by a vertical beam of light stretching up into the sky, with the color of the beam indicating the rarity of the loot inside the Combat Cache.

Initially, the beam of light will be golden, indicating that the loot is Legendary. However, over time, the color will change, and the loot inside will become less rare.

To get to the Combat Cache as quickly as possible, it’s recommended that you use a vehicle or sprint using Slap Juice to keep your stamina up. Once you arrive at the location of the Combat Cache, you’ll need to recover it.

So, if you’re looking for a Combat Cache in Fortnite, be sure to keep an ear out for that “boom” sound and a keen eye on the map for the marker with an image of a Combat Cache on it.

fortnite combat cache vertical beam of light gold

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