Fortnite Cipher Quests: Locations & Encrypted & Dig At The Top

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Discover the ultimate guide to completing the Cipher Quests in Fortnite, including solutions,locations ,encrypted ,unencrypted , rewards and dig at the top .

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Looking to solve Fortnite’s Cipher Quests ? This guide has got you covered. Learn how to solve both unencrypted and encrypted Cipher Quests and understand their meanings. Need help with Stage 4 of the Encrypted Cipher Quest ? Find out where to dig at the top with our solution. And don’t miss out on the rewards you can earn from completing Cipher Quests in Fortnite. Read on to level up your game.

Fortnite Cipher Quests are a new set of objectives that were added to Fortnite on February 28, 2023. They have two types: Unencrypted and Encrypted. The Unencrypted Cipher Quests have clear objectives and rewards. You can find them under the Quests and Cipher Quests tabs. The Encrypted Cipher Quests have hidden objectives and codes. You need to decipher them by finding clues around the map.

You have until March 10, 2023 to complete all Cipher Quests1. They will reward you with experience, a spray, a loading screen, an emoticon, and a back bling.

How to Complete Fortnite Cipher Quests

To complete Fortnite Cipher Quests, you need to follow these steps :

  1. Go to the Quests tab on the left-hand side of your screen
  2. To access the Cipher Quests, scroll down and click on the “Cipher Quests” tab located on the left-hand side.
  3. View your on-going encrypted and unencrypted Cipher Quests under this tab
  4. For unencrypted Cipher Quests, complete the objectives as they are shown
  5. For encrypted Cipher Quests, select one to view its hint and code
  6. Use the hint and code to figure out the location of the objective
  7. Go to that location and complete the objective

 Fortnite Cipher Quests tab and Encrypted Solutions

(Image credit: IGN / Epic Games )

How to solve Fortnite’s Unencrypted Cipher Quests and what they mean

The Unencrypted Cipher Quests are a set of challenges in Fortnite that you can complete to earn XP and rewards. They have clear objectives and each one gives you 10K XP. Similar to the regular Weekly Quests, the key locations for these quests are marked on the map, making it easier to identify where to land.

You can access the Cipher Quests by navigating to Cipher Quests tabs. Your progress can be tracked by checking the Quests tab located on the left-hand side of your screen.

There are 30 quests in total and you have until Friday, 10th March to complete them . Here’s the full list of Unencrypted Cipher challenges in Fortnite, thanks to iFireMonkey on Twitter: :

  • Visit Bastion Outposts (3)
  • Collect ammo from chests (100)
  • Upgrade vehicles with Off-Road Tires or Cow Catchers (3)
  • Hit opponents with ranged weapons from 75 metres or more (5)
  • Get eliminations with a weapon of Uncommon rarity or higher (3) – Part 1 of 3
  • Get eliminations with a weapon of Rare rarity or higher (3) – Part 2 of 3
  • Get eliminations with a weapon of Epic rarity or higher (3) – Part 3 of 3
  • Get eliminations with a weapon of Legendary Rarity or higher (3)
  • Damage opponents with the Infantry Rifle or the Six Shooter (300) – Part 1 of 3
  • Damage opponents with the Infantry Rifle or the Six Shooter (1000) – Part 2 of 3
  • Damage opponents with the Infantry Rifle or the Six Shooter (2000) – Part 3 of 3
  • Damage opponents with the Infantry Rifle or the Six Shooter (3500)
  • Mark targets with the Falcon Scout (3)
  • Drive a vehicle in different named locations (5)
  • Deal explosive damage to enemy players (250)
  • Collect bars from eliminated players (50)
  • Complete bounties (3)
  • Purchase items from a character or Vending Machine (5)
  • Reroll Augments (3)
  • Place recruitment posters (4)
  • Spend bars (250) – Part 1 of 3
  • Spend bars (750) – Part 2 of 3
  • Spend bars (2500) – Part 3 of 3
  • Spend bars (5000)
  • Gain shields (150)
  • Destroy objects while in a vehicle (45)
  • Deal damage to players with assault rifles (500)
  • Outlast Opponents (50) – Part 1 of 3
  • Outlast Opponents (150) – Part 2 of 3
  • Outlast Opponents (300) – Part 3 of 3

How to solve Fortnite’s Encrypted Cipher Quests and what they mean

Unlike Unencrypted missions that are easy to understand, Fortnite’s Encrypted Cipher Quests have “ambiguous” descriptions. These unclear goals will give players some hints on how to finish them, so players will have to figure out what the Quest wants them to do.

A new Encrypted Quest will appear every day until March 7, and they will stay until March 10, giving players enough time to complete the three required to get the extra reward. Keep an eye out for updates on each of the steps as they come out.

Here’s the solution and every step of Encrypted Cipher Quest in Fortnite thanks to iFireMonkey on Twitter :

Stage Encrypted Cipher Quest Clue How to complete Map location
1 Inspect the wall… beneath eastern building at… Interact with table in Anvil Square (basement of eastern house nearest the bridge) Anvil Square
2 N/A Use a spray in the bowling alley in Faulty Splits (large northern building) Faulty Splits
3 Decrypt the signal…beneath snowbank at… Interact with computer under Lonely Labs snowbank (go inside shipping container and down the stairs) Lonely Labs
4 Dig at the top of… Melee a dirt pile on northwestern cliff of Shattered Slabs (beside slurp barrels) Shattered Slab

Fortnite Encrypted Cipher Quest Stage 4 Solution: Where to Dig at the Top

To complete the stage 4 Encrypted Cipher Quest, Fortnite players will have to dig at the top of the Shattered Slab POI. On the west side of this POI, you’ll find a chest and some Slurp barrels on the highest level of the quarry.

You’ll also notice a bright white spot on the ground with an exclamation mark which is exactly where you need to dig. Just go to this glowing white spot and dig with your pickaxe to finish the stage 4 Encrypted Cipher Quest.

 Dig at the Top loaction

Fortnite Cipher Quest Rewards

As stated before, you earn XP for finishing single Cipher quests, but you’ll also get cosmetics for achieving certain unencrypted and encrypted amount of Quests.

We’ve put all of the Fortnite Cipher Quest rewards in the table below :

Reward How to unlock
Keep the Peace (Spray) Complete 7 Unencrypted Cipher Quests
Order Up (Loading Screen) Complete 15 Unencrypted Cipher Quests
Deciphered (Emote) Complete 24 Unencrypted Cipher Quests
Circuitry (Weapon Wrap) Complete 3 Encrypted Cipher Quests
Distant Roar Spray (Spray) Complete a specific Encrypted Cipher Quest ( 1.22

 Fortnite Cipher Quests rewards : Keep the Peace (Spray) ,Order Up (Loading Screen),Deciphered (Emote) ,Circuitry (Weapon Wrap) , Distant Roar Spray (Spray)

(Image credit: IGN / Epic Games )