Fortnite Lantern Locations in Lantern Fest 2023

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Find all 10 Fortnite Lantern locations in the Lantern Fest 2023 Tour map with our guide and complete the challenge of lighting them up for rewards!

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Welcome to our guide on the Fortnite Lantern Fest Tour map, where we will help you light up all 10 lanterns scattered around the island in the exciting new Fortnite event, Lantern Fest 2023. As part of the event, players are required to locate and light up these lanterns to earn rewards. However, finding all 10 of them can be quite challenging, especially considering the size of the map. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we will provide you with detailed descriptions of all the 10 Fortnite Lantern locations, making it easy for you to complete the quest and earn your rewards. So, let’s get started!

All 10 Lanterns Locations around the Fortnite Lantern Fest Tour map

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To complete the “Light 10 lanterns around the map” challenge in Fortnite’s Lantern Fest Tour island experience, players must track down and light 10 lanterns. These lanterns are scattered throughout the island, and some are placed more sneakily than others. Here are the locations of all ten lanterns to help players complete the challenge :

1- Center Platform in Bounty Bolivard :

Located on the center platform near spawn in bounty bolivard , you need to climb up the stairs towards the challenge board to spot the first lantern along the right wall .

2- Entrance Of The Park East of Bounty Boulevard

Upon entering the park through the east entrance of Bounty Boulevard, follow the path until you reach a hedge opening on your right-hand side. You will find the second lantern here.

second lantern is located at the Entrance Of The Park East of Bounty Boulevard

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3- Outside Flawless Fashion Building

After discovering the second lantern, continue to the Flawless Fashion building, a red and white triangular structure. The third lantern is located outside to the right of the entrance.

4- Boardwalk Entrance to Slippery Slide

The fourth lantern can be found at the boardwalk entrance to the Slippery Slide. You can locate it by following the path towards the west of Flawless Fashion.

5- Beside Parkour Paradise Entrance

As you turn left at the Marvelous Maze, continue to follow the path to find the fifth lantern beside the Parkour Paradise entrance wall, to the right of the Coming Soon… sign.

6- Right of Marvelous Maze Entrance

Returning to Marvelous Maze, the sixth lantern can be seen to the right of the entrance.

7- Top Level of Cozy Court

To discover the seventh lantern, go to the Cozy Court and climb the stairs to the right of the pizza restaurant. It’s sitting immediately in front of you.

8- Counter of Slap Juice Store

The eighth lantern is sitting on the counter of the Slap Juice store.

9- Next to Rules Board in Race Rumble

The ninth lantern can be found in the Race Rumble area. Look for it next to the board where the rules are stated.

10- Right of the Stone Well in Furious Fighters

Finally, the tenth lantern is located to the right of the well in the Furious Fighters area. You can find this by walking behind Flawless Fashion and entering the stone structure.

tenth lantern is located Right of the Stone Well in Furious Fighters

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