How Do You Get A Nuke In Warzone 2 ( Explained  )

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If you’re wondering how to get a Nuke in Warzone 2 . So, let’s go over how to get one in the CoD battle royale experience.

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In Warzone 2, getting a nuke is possible, although the procedure is somewhat different from multiplayer. Here is all the information you require to finish the Champions Quest.

We’ll show you how to get a Warzone 2.0 game-ending nuke in this guide. Remember that this procedure is really challenging and that most players won’t be able to complete it.

How Do You Get A Nuke In Warzone 2 ( explained  )


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1 – Launch Champion’s Quest : 

  • First, you must win five games of Warzone 2 in a row.
  • After completing this step, load into your next game to get a prompt asking you to drop into the Champion’s Quest contract.
  • Right now, there are three yellow Warzone symbols on your map that are grouped together close to one another.

2 – Locate the nuclear materials :

  • Locate Elements is a new objective for you, and you have until the end of the game to do it.
  • Wait until each tiny circle in the objective bar has filled up before they reveal an element during the game.
  • Now collect the element beryllium.
  • For the rest of the game, you will be permanently marked with a Most Wanted crown, although this time it will be gold rather than red.
  • Wait for the next element to be revealed before repeating the process to get Plutonium.
  • After , both your character and any surrounding teammates will suffer radiation damage continuously until the end of the game.
  • Wait and collect the third element, Tritium, and you’ll have a scrambled Radar for the rest of the game.

3 – Assemble the nuke & Defend your bomb :

  • It’s time to wait for the bomb location to be revealed, so you’ll have to put up with all of the materials’ side effects while you wait.
  • When you reach circle number 4, the site location will become available.
  • When the bomb site is officially declared live, a plane will fly overhead and drop the bomb on the map, and a 5-minute timer will start.
  • Go to its position and Assemble The Nuke by inserting the materials; this will start a 2-minute countdown till detonation.
  • The entire game will be notified that the Nuke is armed, therefore defend it for the entire duration, and the Tactical Nuke will be detonated.
  • The bomb will explode after two minutes, and you will have won the match. You’ll receive a new cinematic as well as cosmetics for your troubles, including a cool calling card.