How To Get ODM Gear, Thunder Spears & Scout Regiment Footlockers in Fortnite

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Find ODM Gear, Thunder Spears, Scout Regiment Footlockers, and Jaeger’s Family Basement with our Fortnite guide. Upgrade your gameplay now!

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Looking to add some Attack on Titan flavor to your Fortnite gameplay? Check out our guide ! Discover how to acquire ODM gear and thunder spears in Fortnite, and explore our comprehensive list of locations for finding Scout Regiment footlockers. Plus, uncover the whereabouts of Jaeger’s Family Basement and take your Fortnite experience to the next level.

 fortnite odm gear overview

(Fortnite ODM Gear  Image credit: Epic Games )

How To Get ODM Gear and Thunder Spears in Fortnite

To get ODM Gear and Thunder Spears in Fortnite, players can explore the island and search for it in various locations, including Ground loot , chests, Scout Regiment Footlockers, and specific points of interest like Anvil Square. According to Epic Games, the ODM Gear’s mechanics will function similarly to those of the Attack on Titan anime, enabling gamers to use grappling hooks to propel themselves into the sky.

Players who enjoy movement-based gameplay will love the new gear, which can be used for spinning attacks and more. Keep your eyes open and start your search today!

 fortnite Thunder Spears overview

( Fortnite Thunder Spears / Image credit: Epic Games )

How To Find Fortnite Scout Regiment Footlockers (Locations)

Fortnite Scout Regiment Footlockers can be found randomly across the island just like regular chests. However, there is one location where a guaranteed Scout Regiment Footlocker can be found every game. This location is Anvil Square, where Eren Jaeger’s Family Basement has been added to a house. The Scout Regiment Footlocker is located in the basement of this house.

It’s important to note that Scout Regiment Footlockers are quite rare, and even if you do find one, you will still get regular loot along with a Thunder Spear and ODM Gear. The occurrence of these treasure chests is more frequent in the southwest region of the map, specifically in the medieval zones adorned with orange grass.

There are possible spawn locations for Scout Regiment Footlockers outside of Anvil Square, including other points of interest (POIs) like Breakwater Bay and the Citadel.The locations of these footlockers are random, and it’s up to RNG to decide whether they’ll appear at all.

Some players have found Scout Regiment Footlockers in The Citadel, King’s Launch, Royal Ruin, and Secluded Spire near Slappy Shores. It’s recommended to revisit some of the Oathbound Chest areas for more possible locations.

Fortnite Scout Regiment Footlockers

(Get the ODM Gear & Thunder From Spears Scout Regiment Footlockers / Image credit: Epic Games)

Where To Find Jaeger’s Family Basement in Fortnite

Jaeger’s Family Basement can be found in the southeast corner of Anvil Square in Fortnite. Upon landing, players will need to search the area since the location is not marked on the map. Once in Anvil Square, head to the southeastern part of the POI and find the building with an overhanging roof on its right side.

Take the stairs down and open the door to enter Jaeger’s Family Basement. Inside, players will find a few nods to the Attack on Titan anime, as well as a normal chest and a Scout Regiment Footlocker containing either ODM Gear or Thunder Spears.

The location is heavily contested, so it’s important to equip oneself upon landing. Completing the quest will reward players with the Basement Key Back Bling.

Jaeger’s Family Basement in Fortnite

(The location of the Jaeger Family Basement is indicated by the marker /Image credit: Epic Games )