How To Get Souvenirs In Pokemon Go

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Upgrade your Pokémon Go collection game with our guide to getting Buddy Souvenirs. Learn about Buddy Souvenirs and and discover the full list !

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Looking for a way to level up your Pokémon Go collection game? Look no further than Souvenirs! These items were introduced in the Buddy Adventure update at the end of 2019, and can be gifted to you once you reach the Ultra Buddy level. While they may not have a specific purpose, they make for a fun and unique addition to your collection.

In this article, we’ll show you how to get Souvenirs in Pokémon Go, as well as explore the world of Buddy Souvenirs and their significance in the game. Get ready to upgrade your collection game and become the ultimate Pokémon Go trainer!


 How To Get Souvenirs In Pokemon Go

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What is Buddy Souvenirs in Pokémon Go

Buddy Souvenirs in Pokémon Go are items that serve as reminders of your adventures with your buddy.These souvenirs have no functional use in the game, but are simply markers of the length of time a specific Pokémon has been set as your buddy.

They are confined to the buddy screen and will not occupy any space in your inventory.Essentially, Buddy Souvenirs are collectible trinkets that you can gather over time as a way to commemorate your experiences with your buddy.

Pokémon Go All Buddy Souvenirs list

In Pokémon Go, there are a total of 15 Buddy Souvenirs available for players to collect. These souvenirs are randomly gifted to players by their buddies, and duplicates are possible.

Therefore, players have no control over which souvenirs they receive and must wait until their buddy discovers them all. The list of all 15 Buddy Souvenirs includes :

  • Flower Fruits
  • Tropical Shell
  • Tropical Flower
  • Skipping Stone
  • Lone Earring
  • Cactus Fruit
  • Torn Ticket
  • Marble
  • Small Bouquet
  • Snowy Pinecone
  • Beach Glass
  • Chalky Stone
  • Pretty Leaf
  • Stretchy Spring
  • Mushroom.


(Image credit: Niantic  )

How To Get Souvenirs in Pokémon Go

To get Souvenirs in Pokémon Go, you must have an Ultra Buddy level Pokémon on the map in the game. This can be achieved by walking enough each day, feeding your buddy until it’s full three times per day, and petting your buddy once a day.

In Pokémon Go, your buddy can reach four different friendship levels with you, each with unique perks : Good, Great, Ultra, and Best Buddy. To gain hearts and level up, you can engage in daily activities like walking, feeding, and playing with your buddy.

Keep in mind that each buddy level requires a specific amount of hearts, and it will take 15 days to reach the Ultra Buddy level by earning all 10 hearts daily.

Once you earn 150 Hearts with your Buddy, they will have the ability to find Souvenirs as you explore. To collect Souvenirs, you must wait until your Buddy discovers them randomly.

They are presented and collected in the same way Presents are, with a bundle appearing on the Buddy screen that can be opened when interacted with.

Souvenirs are specific to each Buddy, so if you swap Buddies, you will have to start building a new collection. There is no way to trigger a Souvenir appearing aside from using your Buddy on adventures day-to-day.