Miss Bunny Penny Skin Fortnite: How to Get It and Review

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Learn how to get Miss Bunny Penny Skin in Fortnite and decide if it’s worth it. Our review covers obtaining the outfit and its value. Don’t miss out!

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Fortnite fans have been buzzing about the latest addition to the game’s collection of Easter-themed skins, Miss Bunny Penny. Inspired by the Constructor Class Hero in Save The World, the outfit has been highly anticipated by the community since it leaked as part of a recent update.

With Easter just around the corner, players are eager to get their hands on the new bunny skin, but the question remains: is it worth the 800 V-Bucks price tag ?

Follow our guide and learn the best ways to obtain this popular skin/outfit. Our review also explores whether the purchase is worth it, so you can make an informed decision. Don’t miss out on this highly sought-after skin !

How to Get Miss Bunny Penny Skin/Outfit in Fortnite

 Miss Bunny Penny Skin Spring Breakout section of the Item Shop

(Image credit: Epic Games / FN Item Shop )

To get the Miss Bunny Penny skin in Fortnite, players can purchase it for 800 V-Bucks from the Spring Breakout section of the Item Shop. Alternatively, players can use free V-Bucks from the Chapter 4 Season 2 Battle Pass or purchase 1,000 V-Bucks for $7.99.

However, the skin is only available for a limited time and will be removed from the Item Shop once the Easter Event ends. It is expected to return next Easter, but players who want it should act quickly.

The skin features a pink-haired bunny character with shoulder armor made of Easter eggs, but does not come with any other cosmetics. As of now, the skin is likely to remain available until April 10th, but official confirmation is pending.

Should You Buy the Miss Bunny Penny Skin in Fortnite?

Deciding whether to purchase the Miss Bunny Penny Skin in Fortnite ultimately comes down to personal preference.

While the outfit may not be the most competitively designed and lacks additional styles and accessories, it is still a fun and festive addition to the game, perfect for players looking to stay true to the Easter theme.

The price point of 800 V-Bucks is also reasonable, and players who already own the Hero in Save The World will find it particularly appealing.

However, some players may find the outfit basic in design compared to newer, fancier outfits. Ultimately, the decision to buy should be based on individual taste and desire for a holiday-themed skin in Fortnite.

Miss Bunny Penny skin moves

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