MW3 ZOMBIES : How To Get Elder Sigil

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Dark Aether Rift Map

To Get an Elder Sigil , first complete Act 4 “Bad Signal” story mission and acquire the “Locked Diary,” unlock all Easter eggs, and collect necessary items (Pill Bottle, Surveillance Camera, and Dog Collar). Then, obtain an Aether Sigil, enter the Dark Aether, and complete objectives within 30 minutes for the Elder Sigil.

This guide covers all you need to know about obtaining Elder Sigils.


What Are Elder Sigils and Their Functions

Elder Sigils grant access to the Dark Aether similar to regular Sigils. However, unlike Sigils, you need to place Elder Sigils on the opposite end of the portal located at F6 section of the map .

You’ll notice the portal turning red once you’ve successfully placed an Elder Sigil.

 Red Dark Aether Rift Portal Activated with Elder Sigil

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How to Get An Elder Sigils

1 – You need to Complete the Act 4 “Bad Signal” mission. Head to the Bad Signal Exfil spot on the map (make sure it’s Bad Signal, not Extraction) and interact with the Anomaly Rift. Once inside, activate the Seals marked on the map, eliminate Zombies around them, and exit through a portal.

Brace yourself for the Gorm’gant’s arrival at the portal, target its weak points carefully (purple crystals in its mouth), and, once defeated, collect the Locked Diary. This item will be used to grants a free entry to the Dark Aether after . Now you can successfully Exfil.

Act 4 Bad Signal Mission Story Activated

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2 – Find a Doghouse, and obtain a Dog Collar :  Equip Molotov and Flesh Chunk, then place them in the Doghouse, triggering an explosion. Eliminate the Hellhound and retrieve the collar. Enter an Aether Rift, fly to the red sky rift, and complete the blue Bounty Contract.

 gold dog collar

(Image credit: Activision / Youtube : MrDalekJD )

3 – Visit an Aether Nest, shoot a Cyst with a Brain Rot-modded gun until it turns green, and interact with it. Finish the Aether Nest and return to collect the Pill Bottle from the Cyst. Enter the Aether Rift, fly to the green sky rift, and complete the green Bounty Contract.

 gold pill bottle

(Image credit: Activision / Youtube : MrDalekJD )

4 – Collect a Surveillance Camera : To get it you need to Eliminate a Harvester Orb using a gun equipped with the Dead Wire mod. Enter the Aether Rift, fly to the gold sky rift, and complete the purple Bounty Contract.

 gold Surveillance Camera

(Image credit: Activision / Youtube : MrDalekJD )

5- Complete Dark Aether Artifact Mission : After earning all four Dark Aether Artifacts, go to the tornado near the Dark Aether Rift Island (in front of the Story Mission Exfil). There, you’ll find four pedestals, each linked to a specific Dark Aether Artifact. Place each Legendary item on the respective ammo mod pedestals as follows :

  • A- Position Dog Collar on the pedestal with Napalm Burst Ammo mod logo.
  • B- Place Locked Diary on the pedestal with Cryofreeze Ammo mod logo.
  • C- Put Surveillance Camera on the pedestal with Dead Wire Ammo mod logo.
  • D- Set Pill Bottle on the pedestal with Brain Rot Ammo mod logo.


 All Dark Aether Artifact pedestal

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Next, head to the Dark Aether Rift, where a Mega Abomination will spawn. You need to defeat it, and upon killing it, an Aether Sigil will be available within the Reward Rift.

6 – Use the Aether Sigil on the portal, initiating a 30-minute timer. Enter the Dark Aether, complete three Challenges by gathering spawning Bunnies, and obtain the Elder Sigil.

Note :  Now you have permanent access to use Dark Aether Rifts .

 elder sigil reward

(Image credit: Activision / IGN )