Pokemon Go Sunshine Cup : Best team, Event Dates and Rules

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Get ready for the Pokemon Go Sunshine Cup! Learn the best team, lead, safe switch, closer, and attackers, as well as the event dates and rules.

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Get ready to take on the latest challenge in the Pokemon Go Battle League with the brand new Sunshine Cup! With a limited set of eligible Pokemon, you’ll need to strategize your team carefully to come out on top.

In this article, we have compiled some of the best team recommendations, along with a list of top-performing Pokemon, to help you emerge victorious against your opponents. So, if you’re looking for a fresh challenge, read on to find out more about the Sunshine Cup dates, rules, and the best team compositions to dominate the competition.

Best Team for the Sunshine Cup Great League Edition in Pokemon Go

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Best team for the Sunshine Cup in Pokemon Go

Looking for the best team for the Sunshine Cup Great League edition in Pokemon Go? One team that has been performing well is made up of Pidgeot, Galarian Stunfisk, and Swampert.

Pidgeot currently sits at the top of PvPoke’s rankings thanks to its powerful moveset, which includes Feather Dance, an attack that debuffs opponents. Galarian Stunfisk and Swampert are also great choices to round out this team.

If you’re looking for an alternative team, consider using Noctowl, Vigoroth, and Abomasnow. These three Pokemon offer excellent coverage and also rank highly in the Sunshine Cup rankings. Bonus: Here’s a third alternative team consisting of Vigoroth, Noctowl, and Galarian Stunfisk.

In terms of individual Pokemon to consider, both Pidgeot and Noctowl are strong choices due to their ability to learn the powerful Wing Attack. Vigoroth is also a good pick, as it can counter the popular Galarian Stunfisk.

It’s important to remember that there is no one “best team” for any league or cup in the Go Battle League, as the outcome of battles always depends on the Pokemon your opponent sends out. Nonetheless, the teams recommended above should give you a solid chance at success.

Best Leads, Best Safe Switches, Best Closers, Best Attackers for the Sunshine Cup in Pokemon Go

Here are some recommended Pokémon for each category in the Sunshine Cup of Pokemon Go:

Best Leads: These Pokémon are strong and can handle tough battles at the start of a match, providing you with an advantage.

They include Pidgeot, Dubwool, Vigoroth, Gliscor, Diggersby(XL), Rufflet(XL), Miltank, Shadow Magmortar, Swampert, and Munchlax.

Best Safe Switches: If you need to change your lead due to disadvantage, these Pokémon can be great to switch in as they can handle opposing Pokémon or counter popular leads.

They are Pidgeot, Noctowl, Gliscor(S), Dubwool, Vigoroth, Miltank, Gligar(S), Munchlax, Galarian Stunfisk, and Greedent.

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Best Closers: These Pokémon are perfect for the final stages of a battle where there are no shields left, as they can take a hit or deliver a powerful charge attack.

They include Staraptor(S), Noctowl, Hisuian Electrode, Excadrill, Pidgeot, Victini, Galarian Stunfisk, Swellow, Rufflet(XL), and Diggersby(XL).

Best Attackers: These Pokémon are great for fighting against opponents who still have shields when you don’t have any. They have strong resistances and fast attacks to make up for their disadvantage.

They include Pidgeot, Noctowl, Alolan Marowak, Tropius, Diggersby(XL), Steelix, Gligar, Ninetales, Magcargo, and Chansey(XL).

Note that some of the recommended Pokémon require Candy XL to reach optimal battle performance, while regular forms and shadow forms can perform comparably. Also, Shadow forms are risky to use in the Best Attackers category due to taking more damage than their regular counterparts.

Pokemon Go Sunshine Cup Dates, rules & restrictions

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The Sunshine Cup is a limited-time event in Pokemon Go that has specific rules and restrictions. To participate, your Pokemon must have a CP of 1,500 or less and must be of Normal, Fire, Grass, or Ground type.

The event will begin on Wednesday, May 10, 2023, at 1PM PT / 4PM ET / 9PM BST and end on Wednesday, May 17, 2023, at 1PM PT.

One thing to keep in mind is that Charizard is not eligible to participate in the Sunshine Cup, as it has been banned from the competition. The event will run alongside the traditional Ultra League .