What Are Heal Eggs in Fortnite and Where to Find ?

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Discover what Heal Eggs in Fortnite are and where to find them. Get a gameplay edge with heal eggs and complete your Spring Breakout Quests. Find out more now!

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Looking for an edge in Fortnite’s Spring Breakout event? Heal Eggs can help! These special eggs, laid by green chickens, provide health and gameplay boosts. Follow our guide to find Heal Eggs and complete your quests. Discover the unique properties of green, blue, and golden eggs and how they can help you level up your gameplay.

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What are Heal Eggs in Fortnite

In 2023, a new feature was introduced to Fortnite during the Spring Breakout event, which introduced special chickens that laid unique eggs. These eggs had extraordinary properties that could grant players the ability to jump higher or recover health upon consumption. These eggs were very distinctive, and they were considered a rare and valuable resource.

Among the various types of eggs, the golden egg was the most prized. It was a rare spawn that could award a significant amount of gold bars when collected. These eggs were born from distinctive chickens that could only be found during the Spring Breakout event.

The green and purple chickens that laid the eggs could be found throughout the game world during the event. The green eggs aka heal eggs laid by green chickens were known to restore a player’s health and shield gradually, while the blue eggs could give players a health boost and a temporary low gravity effect.

Overall, these distinctive eggs added a new dimension to the gameplay experience in Fortnite. They were highly sought after by players and provided a unique way to recover health or gain special abilities during battles. So, players won’t want to miss out on the chance to collect these eggs during the Spring Breakout event.

heal eggs have a green shell with a light pink top and a purple zigzag line

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Where to find Heal Eggs in Fortnite

During Fortnite’s Spring Breakout event Quests, players are tasked with finding and consuming Heal Eggs. To find these eggs, players will need to locate green chickens in rural or grassy areas of the map. Chickens tend to spawn randomly, so players will need to keep their eyes peeled and ears open for the sound cue that indicates their presence. One spot where players can find plenty of chickens is Frenzy Fields.

To obtain the Heal Eggs, players will need to follow a green chicken around until it lays an egg. These eggs have a green shell with a light pink top and a purple zigzag line running across them.. Players can consume the eggs off the ground or pick them up for later use.

To complete the Spring Breakout Quest, players must consume two Heal Eggs along with a piece of meat. After completing the Quest, players will receive 20,000 XP.

If there are no nearby chickens, players can wait for the egg to hatch into a chicken, which will create more eggs. Additionally, killing the chicken will grant players a piece of meat, which is required to complete the Quest. Overall, finding Heal Eggs in Fortnite requires patience, awareness, and a bit of luck.